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Roaster's Choice Decaf Coffee

If you love the taste and aroma of coffee but don’t want the caffeine kick, our decaf Central America blend is the one for you. Smooth, balanced and well-rounded, this is a coffee that everyone will enjoy. Perfect for any moment, whether it’s in the morning over breakfast or to wind down at the end of a busy day.

Our decaf blend is composed of 6 individual lots from 4 farms, which are based in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua. All of the lots are varying degrees of the honey process, which we have chosen to blend to create a decaf option that is a little different from the norm. In the cup we found tasting notes of milk chocolate, orange and hazelnuts with a creamy finish. With these honey processed coffees the mucilage layer is left on after being de-pulped. It is then left over night before being turned regularly every hour in the sun on drying racks, except during midday when it is covered. Usually it will take between 14 -18 days for the coffee to dry to the correct moisture level.

This coffee is decaffeinated through a natural sparkling water decaffeination process. It uses pure water and carbon dioxide to extract the caffeine. The method is certified as Organic by the Soil Association, using only natural elements, with no chemicals involved.


Your coffee will arrive within 3-5 days after placing the order. Unfortunately we are unable to fulfil international deliveries at the moment.

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