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Rich & Chocolatey Coffee

Our latest offering comes from Mantiqueira Amarelo, located in the Minas Gerais state. Minas Gerais is Brazil’s largest coffee-producing state with nearly 2.5 million acres of coffee trees and accounts for half of Brazil’s coffee harvest. In order to maintain production at the scale for which Brazil is famous, the national industry has adopted specific means to achieve picking in the most efficient manner possible. One technique is using machines to ‘strip pick’ the coffee bushes by shaking them and gathering a general collection of cherries at the height of harvest to be later sorted for ripeness.

The Mantiquera de Minas area is proving to be an exception to Brazil’s industrial powerhouse of commodity coffee. The area was the first to get geographical indication in the Brazilian coffee industry. A fresh approach which acts as a certification that the product possesses certain qualities, made according to traditional methods, enjoying a reputation due to its geographical origin. This is redefining how people are viewing speciality coffee in Brazil. The region is found at higher altitudes and has steep slopes, meaning the reliance of machines is seen far less than other producing regions in Brazil. The 7,800 producers, of which 89% are smallholders, stick to the labour-intensive selective hand picking where there is more scrutiny on picking only the ripest cherries to increase quality.

Cocarive (Cooperativa Regional dos Cafeicultores do Vale do Rio Verde) was established in 1961. The objective of forming the co operative was to increase productivity amongst the members as well as the quality of coffee to achieve better pricing on the world market, and take control of their futures. Over the past 5 decades Cocarive has not only grown in size, but their commitment to coffee excellence has never wained. Today they are investing in growing the milling capacity, and expect overall volumes to double within 5 years.


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