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Bright & Aromatic Coffee

This bright and aromatic coffee comes from the Kayanza region in northern Burundi, where each smallholder is producing on 8 hectares of compact land situated upon hillsides. Each farmer’s affinity towards their land stems from the importance of the terrain and environmental influences the surrounding valleys have on successful coffee production. Which led to this farm being named, Ntarambo, after the hill where the coffee has been planted. 

This environmental reliance includes the soil in the area being a mixture of volcanic, clay and stony components, perfect conditions for growing. The soil is then protected post-harvest from drought and weeds by hay being scattered over the soil. Additionally, the two forests: Ikibira and Nyungwe that surround the hills play a big role in influencing the weather conditions on the hill. One being the wind that is channelled through the valley increasing the turbulence in the atmosphere, thus increasing the supply of carbon dioxide to the plants, resulting in greater photosynthesis rates.

The harvested cherries are taken to the Mpanga central washing station. The station processes coffee from around 3,400 smallholders who cultivate coffee on the surrounding hillsides. The station is well equipped to process the 1,500 tons of coffee it receives per season and benefits from recent investment in maintaining the 450 drying beds and a new 6 disc pulping machine. During the processing each producers lot is separated and named according to the hillside upon which it was grown, this transparency is crucial for keeping true to each coffees unique characteristics instead of blending varying qualities to increase profit. Mpanga has become highly regarded for its consistently clean and complex coffees. It’s due to these cup qualities, alongside the focus and belief in motivating farmers’ meticulous harvesting and agricultural practices that they achieved incredible results at the Burundi Cup of Excellence.


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