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House Espresso

Our Destination plan is the perfect choice for the coffee-lover who knows what they like. Providing the freshest possible coffee to suit your particular taste preference.

Our House Espresso ticks all the boxes of what a speciality espresso coffee should be: well-rounded, sweet and with a full roast that lends richness to carry through milk, while still preserving all the intriguing flavours of the coffee.

Unlike our Discovery Espresso plan, the House Espresso doesn’t vary every single month. Instead, we buy according to the season: importing the freshest possible coffee from a range of origins to suit our particular taste profile for espresso lovers. We recommend brewing it using a stovetop or an espresso machine.

All of our coffees are freshly roasted and come in a 250g bag, with a beautiful leaflet detailing the journey of the coffee from bean to cup, the story of the farm it comes from, along with tasting notes and recommended brewing methods.

Your coffee will arrive within 3-5 days after placing the order. 

Unfortunately we are unable to fulfil international deliveries at the moment.