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About Us

Cafédirect Handpicked is a premium coffee subscription, part of the Cafédirect family. 

We connect small farmers with intrepid drinkers - adventurous types who want to taste rare and exciting coffees they wouldn't find on the high street. Our Handpicked coffees are carefully selected and hand roasted in our dedicated roastery in London. Every month we send you a different freshly roasted coffee from around the world through your letterbox, so that you can then travel an uncharted world of coffee flavours, textures, roasts and brews from your own home. By escorting our drinkers on a journey for their palate, around the world of coffee, we can help them explore and understand their tastes. 

We work with microlot farmers from around the world, sourcing our coffees from tiny plots of land, usually at high altitude and farmed by smallholders. They make for the best beans you’ll ever taste because to put it simply they get a lot of the farmer’s love. 

Over the last 25 years, we've cultivated close friendships with many of the farmers who supply us – something on which we pride ourselves. This means we get first dibs on many limited supply coffees, and that trust and goodwill infuse all our work – and your coffee. You can read all about how we source our coffees here.

If you enjoy coffee and trying new things, if you're interested in drinking from beans that are both limited in supply and completely unique, then we’re the coffee club for you! So why not treat your coffees like your holidays? Go somewhere new every time and let us guide you! Click here to see our plans.