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Tanzania Masangula

This April we explore an up-and-coming coffee region, deep in the South of Tanzania. A nation with a long history of producing coffee - oral histories tell of coffee being introduced by way of Ethiopia in the 16th century - the Mbeya region in particular is the largest Arabica production region in Tanzania. Known for its high quality export crops, this particular coffee is a microlot from the Mbozi district, one of eight districts making up the Mbeya region.

This Tanzanian coffee is handpicked by smallholder farmers. Next, the beans are pulped with a hand eco-pulper, after which the beans are washed and left to ferment for 48-72 hours in clean water, so as to produce the desired acidity. This particular part of the process is what makes the coffee taste clean and bright, something we have come to associate with East African coffees.

After fermentation, the beans are washed again and placed on African drying beds. Next, the beans are brought to the mill to be checked for quality. Last but not least, the parchment layer is removed from the beans, which are then bagged and ready for transport. 

As this microlot has been selected from a ‘supreme cup’ range, we are happy to report that the farmers are provided with a quality premium - enabling them to further invest in improving their yields and their coffee quality. 

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