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This month, we’re bringing you a special coffee that’s close to our heart. It comes from San Fernando, a small farming village in Peru’s Vilcabamba region, located 6,000 feet up in the Andes Mountains. The small remote community has a very pioneering approach to coffee farming. This particular Handpicked coffee is a product of their all-women committee, something very rare in coffee growing countries. The group consists of 30 passionate female farmers, committed to producing the highest quality beans.
For this coffee, they used an innovative processing method that we haven’t featured before, called slow fermentation. Once the ripe coffee cherries are pulped in the central mill, the beans are gathered into bags and placed in fermentation tanks with cool water, where they are fermented for over 30 hours. The coffee is then washed and soaked in clean water for a further 3 - 4 hours before being moved to the patios where it is spread out evenly to dry in the sun. Here, the beans are turned constantly and carefully, to ensure even drying for good balance and maximum flavour. The idea behind this processing method is to ferment the coffee inside the bags in order to eliminate the sour malic acid from the beans and deepen the complexity of flavour profile.
While last month’s coffee was chocolatey with a touch of spice, this coffee has softer caramel notes and an aroma of roasted hazelnuts. A delicious coffee that makes a difference. Enjoy!

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