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Papua New Guinea Simbu

We embark on our 2016 adventures with a visit to a country we haven’t been to before: Papua New Guinea. It is one of the least explored countries in the world and is unrivalled in its cultural and biological diversity. Many undiscovered plants and animals are thought to exist here and there are 848 languages listed for the country, 12 of which have no known living speakers. Our coffee this month is from the Kongo Coffee Company in the Simbu province. The coffee is called Elimbari A, after Mt. Elimbari, the highest peak in Simbu. It is produced through a programme that encourages smallholder farmers to grow the highest quality beans. This offers premiums and support to coffee producers in remote areas and under challenging conditions. Kongo Coffee Company runs very strict quality checks and only coffee of the highest grade becomes Elimbari A. The passion of the producers, combined with high altitudes and fertile soils result in Simbu now offering some of the best speciality grade coffee in Papua New Guinea. Traditionally, coffee from Papua New Guinea has a fuller body with fruity notes. So this month’s coffee really stands out through its subtle flavours and dark chocolate finish.

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