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Colombia Balboa

In October, we’re beating the autumn blues with an exceptional coffee from beautiful and vibrant Colombia. This coffee is grown in the Balboa municipality near the town of Popayan. Known as the “white city” because of its iconic white colonial buildings, Popayan is also famous for being the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy. The cuisine here is a unique fusion of Spanish, African and indigenous food, with traditional dishes and cooking methods that have been passed on from generation to generation. With such strong local expertise in taste and quality, it comes as no surprise that the beans grown here are of the highest grade.
This month’s coffee is produced by Asprobalboa, an association of 144 farmer families which promotes economic, social and cultural development by empowering everyone in the community to participate in agricultural production and trade. The average farm is only 3.3 hectares, of which 1.4 hectares are used to grow coffee. A small farm allows the producer to treat every coffee tree with undivided care and attention, providing the ideal conditions for the plants to flourish. We love finding hidden gems and this coffee is one of them. It has a very rare taste profile for Colombia: instead of the sweet caramel and syrupy body we would usually expect from the region, this coffee has a much crisper, blackcurrant-like acidity, with a dried cocoa (as opposed to milk chocolate) f inish. This demonstrates just how unique and exciting micro-lot coffees can be.

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