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Malawi Mzuzu

Welcome to Malawi, Africa’s smallest coffee producing country! The coffees that grow here are known for their wonderful profile with notes of orange peel, sweet maple flavors and a smooth body. So this month we are thrilled to share a brew from this exciting origin completely new to our club!
Coffee producers have been farming in Malawi since the 1930s and, while the majority of East African coffee is produced by smallholder farms, 95% of the coffee in Malawi is grown on large estates. In this context, Mzuzu Union stands out as the only organization that promotes smallholder coffee farming, producing world class speciality coffee while strengthening farming communities at the same time. The farm is located in the North of the countr y, the best region for growing coffee due to the high rainfall and rich soils. This month’s coffee is smooth, with a syrupy finish and notes of honey. 
Those who have been with us for a few months can compare this coffee with previous brews to truly notice the variety of East African coffees. While Malawi’s northern neighbour Tanzania can be characterised by dark chocolate and blackcurrant, and last month’s Rwandan coffee had a pronounced tea-like acidity, this month’s coffee is softer, with a round, silky body and sweet caramel taste. Enjoy!

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