Discovery plan

Our Discovery plan takes you on a coffee adventure around the world, delivering a different speciality coffee to your door every month.

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How it works

You receive a freshly roasted coffee from a different country every month, so you can explore the world cup by cup. Scroll down to discover our most recent destinations.

We travel the world

Each month, we look at the season's best coffees from Africa, Asia or Latin America.

We select the best

After a good deal of slurping, spillage and caffeine, we agree on the single best one to make sure you are taken somewhere entirely new.

We roast the beans

We roast each coffee to bring out its best taste profile.

We grind to your preference
(or leave you the beans)

We grind it specially for Filter or Espresso or we send you the beans whole, depending on what plan you choose.

And we deliver it fresh
to your door

So you can enjoy it at home before you set off on next month's adventure.

Our latest
Discovery coffee

Indonesia Sara Ate

Welcome to Indonesia, where coffee cultivation is a 300-year old tradition. Originally brought to the island by Dutch colonists in the early 18th century, the Dutch East India Company controlled all exports of coffee. Its success was tremendous: prices in Amsterdam reached nearly 1% of the average annual income for ...

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