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House Espresso

Our House Espresso ticks all the boxes of what a specialty espresso coffee blend should be: well-rounded, sweet and with a roast that lends enough richness to carry through milk, while still preserving all the intriguing flavours of the coffee.

50% Costa Rica, Tarrazú - San Gabriel

This washed coffee is produced by a community of 35 farmers within the Tarrazú region. Tarrazú is a well-known producing region within the coffee world for its pioneering work in coffee processing, i.e. the removal of the pulpy layer of fruit surrounding the coffee beans. The coffee offers a rich dark chocolate and toffee base for this espresso blend.

50% Colombia, Caldas - Cooperativa de Caficultores de Manizales

Founded in 1960, this cooperative’s coffee comes from the Caldas region, historically considered to be one of the best coffee regions of Colombia. The cooperative uses Fair Trade premiums to increase awareness and gain support for women’s initiatives in the area, empowering them to take on leadership positions. This coffee adds vanilla aromas and stewed plum tasting notes to balance the blend.

Unlike our Discovery Espresso plan, the House Espresso doesn’t vary every single month. Instead, we buy according to the season, importing the freshest possible coffee from a range of origins to suit our particular taste profile for espresso. We recommend brewing it using a stovetop or an espresso machine. 

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