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Bright & Aromatic

On December 12, 1715, Dona Francisca Salazar, daughter of a very wealthy Spanish landowner named Fransisco de Salazar y Barrios y Petronilla Valdes, donated three hectares of land of their hacienda to erect a town that was to be named honouring the Virgin of Guadalupe. However, it became known as La Viciosa.

But then, in 1827, a huge earthquake destroyed the town. Because most of the inhabitants were spared, the people believed the virgin of Guadalupe had protected them. When the town was rebuilt a year later, they renamed it “Guadalupe”.

This coffee comes from the Huila department, which many coffee professionals regard as the best coffee producing region in Colombia. Coffees from this area are deliciously complex and often produce fruity tasting notes and floral aromas. One of the great things about Colombian coffees is the variety of flavours that can be found throughout the country. From the richer, chocolatey coffees to those that are truly bright and aromatic.

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