Destination plan

Our Destination plan is the perfect choice for the coffee-lover who knows what they like. Providing the freshest possible coffee to suit your particular taste preference. You'll receive a 250g bag every month and your first coffee will be delivered within 3-5 days of placing your order.



House Decaf

La Serrania is grown along an isolated set of mountains within the central cordillera of the Andes that go through Pitalito, Acevedo, Palestina, Timana and Suaza. This coffee represents the work of more than 50 producers who are committed to quality and excellence. The beans are carefully hand picked and processed a...

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House Espresso

Our House Espresso ticks all the boxes of what a specialty espresso coffee blend should be: well-rounded, sweet and with a roast that lends enough richness to carry through milk, while still preserving all the intriguing flavours of the coffee. 50% Costa Rica, Tarrazú - San Gabriel This washed coffee is produced by ...

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Rich & Chocolatey

Welcome to the Los Pirineos coffee farm, which has been in the Baraona family for more than 120 years. Located at the top of the Tecapa Volcano, the Tecapa Chinameca coffee region is well-known throughout El Salvador. Though perhaps it is Gilberto Baraona who is the true star of this region, as he is the 8-times win...

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Bright & Aromatic

On December 12, 1715, Dona Francisca Salazar, daughter of a very wealthy Spanish landowner named Fransisco de Salazar y Barrios y Petronilla Valdes, donated three hectares of land of their hacienda to erect a town that was to be named honouring the Virgin of Guadalupe. However, it became known as La Viciosa. But the...

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