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Using Your Hand Grinder

  • When coffee is ground it releases aromas locked within the structure of the whole bean.
  • It is always best to use freshly ground coffee to ensure the best taste. When the coffee is stored as a bean, only the area exposed to the air will have the chance to go stale, meaning the inside of the bean is fresh at all times. Once ground, all the particles are exposed to the air, therefore the coffee will go stale more quickly.
  • Your hand grinder can grind around 42g of coffee bean, equal to around 7 cups of coffee.
Finding the correct grind size will vary between brewing methods and depending on the contact time of the water and the coffee.
To create the perfect drink a specific coffee to water ratio is needed. Too much coffee will taste harsh and bitter, too little will taste watery and thin. Typically in most filter brew methods, a brew ratio of 12g (one dessert spoon), to 200ml (1 cup) will produce great results.

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