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Using your Cafetiere

  1. Use 50g or 4 dessert spoons of coarse ground coffee for a 6-cup size cafetiere.
  2. Pour hot filtered water up to half way in the cafetiere.
  3. After 1 minute stir the coffee and then fill to within an inch from the top with the remaining hot water.
  4. After 4 minutes plunge slowly so as to collect as many of the fine coffee particles as possible.
Finding the correct grind size will vary between brewing methods and depending on the contact time of the water and the coffee.
To create the perfect drink a specific coffee to water ratio is needed. Too much coffee will taste harsh and bitter, too little will taste watery and thin. Typically in most filter brew methods, a brew ratio of 12g (one dessert spoon), to 200ml (1 cup) will produce great results.

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