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Using your Aeropress

  1. Place a paper filter in the filter holder and rinse to avoid any papery taste.
  2. Invert the aeropress and fit the rubber section into the bottom of the main chamber. Make sure it is securely up to the number 4 mark.
  3. Put 15g or one heaped dessert spoon of medium ground coffee into the inverted aeropress.
  4. Start a timer and pour a small amount of hot filtered water onto the coffee, just enough to wet all the grinds. 
  5. After 30 seconds add the remaining water almost to the top and stir.
  6. Fit the paper filter holder on to the aeropress.
  7. At 1:15min turn the aeropress upside down and plunge over 30 seconds until you can just see the grinds. Total time 1:45 minutes.
Finding the correct grind size will vary between brewing methods and depending on the contact time of the water and the coffee.
To create the perfect drink a specific coffee to water ratio is needed. Too much coffee will taste harsh and bitter, too little will taste watery and thin. Typically in most filter brew methods, a brew ratio of 12g (one dessert spoon), to 200ml (1 cup) will produce great results.

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