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Our New Roastery

Discerning coffee drinkers know how important provenance is in making good coffee. The country, region, farm and lot from which beans are sourced are vital. But every speciality coffee bean needs expert and careful roasting to fulfil its potential.

That’s why we have just opened our own roastery in east London, the hub of the capital’s coffee culture. Having our own 12kg roaster allows us to exert maximum control over the coffee we sell, representing the coffee beans we buy as authentically as possible.

When beans arrive to us in London Fields, they taste very green, almost hay-like. The roasting process develops and builds on these flavours to add characteristics like depth, acidity, crispness or a more chocolaty richness, depending on the coffee we want to create. It is up to our roasting team, head roaster Hugo MacDonald and production assistant George Kokkalis to develop the profile of a given coffee, expressing the terroirs from which it has come with the skillful application of heat.

Hugo explains that it is up to his team to highlight the attributes of a specific region - the soil, the climate, the altitude and the varietal of the coffee. They know exactly how to roast a particular lot of beans and what to look for in the resulting coffee. (For example, many Ethiopian coffees, especially those grown as high as 2000m, can take a harder, faster roasting than Brazilian coffees from lower altitudes, which need a slower treatment.) The time and temperature at which a batch of beans is roasted has been tailored to them. 

Proper roasting needs rigorous testing, in-depth knowledge and an artisanal approach combining to bring your carefully-sourced beans to life when they are brewed.

The first batch of beans prepared in our London Fields roastery are being dispatched to you this month, so you’ll soon be able to taste the difference careful, expert roasting makes. Cafédirect has always prided itself on good and ethical relationships with farmers – for a more sustainable supply chain that brings you better coffee – and having our London Fields roastery means that we have direct control over whole process - from field to cup.

To bring you coffee that isn’t just Handpicked, but also hand-roasted.

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