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Peru San Fernando

Slow fermentation eliminates the sour malic acid from the coffee beans and adds a real depth of flavor unique to other methods. We find it elegantly sweet with soft caramel and raisin notes and a lavish chocolatey finish.

  • Region


  • Altitude

    1,700m - 2,200m

  • 14.4 °C

  • Variety

    Typica, Bourbon, Catuai

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Rwanda Ruvumbu

A burst of acidity like biting into a ripe grapefruit is followed by a delicious sweetness similar to stewed fruits and toffee, finished with a thick syrupy body. 

  • Region

    Western Province

  • Altitude


  • 16.6 °C

  • Variety

    Reb Bourbon

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Uganda Bukonzo

A mild, balanced cup that leads with cocoa and an orange-fig marmalade type acidity, edging on dark cherry. Citric acidity turns into dry grapefruit as it cools.

  • Region


  • Altitude

    1,600m - 2,000m

  • 20.6 °C

  • Variety

    SL28 and SL14

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Mexico Nayarit

This variety exhibits what the harmony of fertile soil and a unique microclimate can produce. Expect a heavy body with hints of brown sugar and walnut, a mild acidity with similarities to earl grey tea and a very unique peppery finish.

  • Region


  • Altitude


  • 25.0 °C

  • Variety

    Typica and Caturra


What is Speciality Coffee?

We always talk about speciality coffee, but what does that actually mean? How is our Handpicked coffee special and why is it worth waiting a month for that one bag to come through your letter box?

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So what exactly do I get in the Cafédirect Handpicked delivery box each month?

Each month on our coffee subscription service you will get an envelope containing a 250g bag (20-25 cups) of gourmet coffee chosen by our experts that month from around the world, a gorgeous leaflet explaining the provenance of the coffee and our tasting notes.

Should I order Whole Beans or Ground?

If you have your own bean grinder then Whole Beans is a perfect choice, especially if you like to make your own espresso. If you're not sure, Ground is always the safer option to start with and you can change between the two at any time via your account page.

Should I order the espresso or filter plan?

If you mainly brew your coffee with an espresso machine or stovetop, or add lots of milk, then the espresso coffee delivery plan is for you. If you generally brew in a cafetiere, aeropress, or V60 then you’d be better off with the filter plan. You can easily switch between the two at any time on your account page.

What’s the difference between the espresso and filter coffees?

Our Filter coffees are roasted light – medium to bring out all the nuances of the flavour of the coffees. These coffees are best brewed in cafetiere, aeropresses or pour overs like Hario’s V60. They are best drunk black or with a dash of milk to taste. If you order your coffee ground it will be a medium grind to suit all filter methods.

Our Espresso coffees are created to be more suited to espresso methods of brewing. They are roasted slightly darker than our filter coffees to ensure they deliver the intensity of flavour needed to give you a true espresso experience, and to cut through the milk if you are making lattes, cappuccinos or flat whites. If you order this coffee ground it will ground fine to suit espresso brewing methods.

How is this different to buying a bag at the supermarket?

Our coffee subscription is different in quite a few ways, most notably the quality of the coffee and where it's sourced from. Cafédirect Handpicked selects coffee which is equivalent to a Gran Reserva in Spanish wine - only the very best beans and farms makes it into a Handpicked box. We freshly roast the beans and deliver them within 7 days of roasting which is never possible from a supermarket; in fact most of their coffees take weeks to even arrive on the shelves and it's a common fact that fresh pre-ground coffee is best drunk within 4 weeks of roasting.

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